Wednesday, January 21, 2009

two old men playing in a fountain.

Got to ride with Ben yesterday for the first time in forever. Had a satisfying session, driving from spot to spot. Snapped a couple lazy photos.

Wallride, Ben Piff.

I'll send a free dvd to the first person that explains the historic significance of this spot. Email me if you know.


February 7 update: Aaron Gates, TJ Henderson, and Ben Ward all knew the answer: this spot was tricked by Lou Rajsich in the classic Portland video ./blueprint. Spot the armpit-high green subrail in the background of the pic above, and then watch Lou hit it up:

Since Aaron already has a copy of the video (as do TJ and Ben), I sent a disc to Aaron's friend Shawn instead.

Btw, the white frame Ben Piff is shown riding here (A Sunday Wave2, I think) came courtesy of Ben Ward's generosity. I remember years ago when B-Dubbs gave me a pair of Mosh pedals, because he was amused by some curb-to-wallride I did. That was a great day.


Took some video with my digital point-n-shoot at the very end of the session. Ben did a crankflip, and I enjoyed myself, even with a broken chain.

I overdid the color-correction trying to compensate for Vimeo's compression washing out the colors; kind of an old Shine video effect, as Ben put it. Makes the wintry day pop.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Yep, that's it, Aaron. I deleted your comment to give someone else a chance at a free vid, but I edited the post so you still get credit for knowing the answer first.

  3. I suppose that was a bit of a jerk move... if nobody else gets it I have a friend in Portland who would probably really dig a copy of that vid.

  4. Muhahaha, I was able to see the answer before you deleted it, but I about 27 of the dvd's so I the answer is safely locked in my brain.

  5. That's fair, Aaron. Email me his address, and I'll get him a video. I'll hold off posting the answer a little longer.

  6. ./Blueprint Lou, someone win something!

    The frame looks like it is happy under another Ben:)

  7. CORRECT, Ben. There's a dvd headed your way, once I get an address.

    And Ben loves his Sunday Wav-Racer.

  8. Good grief! Little Brother Ben just reminded me that he already sent you, Ben Ward, a dvd. So whatever. That's rad that you guys all recognized the spot. I'll update the post later with Lou's Youtube spot.

  9. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Glad I'm not the only one ruining the fun here!

  10. Post updated with Lou's part embedded. Thanks for playing!

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