Oct 24, 2006

4 pegs, straight cable, castillos

Sad news, learning that Caleb Ruecker is off Metal. Sadder still, finding out Caleb recently switched to two-piece bars. I think he was the very last pro holding on to four-piecers. With Caleb dies an important bmx legacy. Dave Young, Jeremy Davis, and Lou Rasjich produced three of the most memorable video parts of the late nineties, double-pegging rail after rail on both sides, wrecking themselves on what-were-they-thinking gaps, while sporting a tight-black-pants style that no other rider dared emulate. Except Caleb.

When Brian "B.C." Castillo left S&M, they continued producing his signature bar, calling it the "A.D." Clever punning. Volume, in a show of good humor, produced a slightly updated version called the Mad Dog Bar (Mad Dog being Chris Moeller's ancient nickname). In between S&M and Volume, Primo created the subtly ugly Moe's Bar for Castillo. Castillo switched to two-piece bars in 2001, and Volume stopped producing the four-piece soon after. Check out this old FreedomBMX interview with Castillo himself, where he comments on the various versions of his signature bar (and also takes credit for the least fashionable stem in bmx). EBCO, honoring the Portland, Oregon Castillo Bar connection, was making a four-piece as late as 2003. S&M returned to calling it the Castillo Bar before quietly handing production over to Sean McKinney's flatland-oriented Revenge Industries sometime in the last couple of years. Here's the Revenge Bar.

Here are the ./blueprint parts for Jeremy and Lou, both of which were posted on theComeUp in the past six months. Dave's part is nowhere to be found on the internet, and perhaps that's a good thing, but here he is on the cover of Ride in 1994. Parrick is supposedly working on a dvd re-release of Nowhere Fast. Until then, no one is throwing away their VCR. Here is a video from Caleb's Myspace. Some excellent riding and crashing in true Castillo Bar style.

And, if you didn't know, "Little" Jeff Landtiser successfully pulled Lou Rasjich's wrist-breaking roof gap for his excellent Building the Underground part. Maybe it was the uncut Slams.

Streetriding pros who ran Castillo Bars:
Brian Castillo
Jason Enns
Dave Friemuth
Dave Young
Jeremy Davis
Lou Rasjich
Matt Beringer
Troy McMurray
The Gonz
Ryan Worcester
Scooter (pegless, brakeless, excellent)
Nate Hanson
Sean McKinney

Please let me know if you can think of others.


  1. I don't remember Castillo having any connection to Moe Bars, I'd double check that because I think they were around for a while, and I can't remember castillo riding them. If I'm wrong, then I cringe. PS, this has me thinking about DK 4pc bars. Those were bomb, and only the dk team rode them.

  2. Per your comment, Ben, I added the link to the Castillo interview.

  3. Castillo designed the moes bar when he worked for Primo I believe. FBM has new 4 peice and I would like a pair.

  4. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Scerbo and Edwin ride Scerbo's signature 4-piece bars.

  5. Nyquist may not be a street rider, but he has still been rocking those four peices for quite sometime.

  6. Anonymous9:31 AM

    sputnic throwdown bars!!!!

  7. I think Simon O'Brien rode those bars also.

  8. I don't think Andy will ever give up his Stranger Thrash Bars, and I have to admit they're the best looking four piece bars out there. The other current offerings in that vein are utterly repugnant. Worst of all, the new Terrible One Elf bars… what the fuck are they thinking?

  9. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Elf used to ride Castillo bars.

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