Feb 10, 2011


Found this multi-page improvised pocket journal in one of my old camera bags this weekend. It's an index of stuff I had in mind to shoot for bmx is cute and didn't want to forget--things I spotted from the highway or in strange neighborhoods that I knew my memory would have no way to catalog, as well as various other video-related creative inspirations. I think the list happened partly as a manifestation of how little time I had to ride during the last semester of my senior year of college.

For the record, St Louis has the richest, most stress-free geographical density of street terrain of any place I've ever lived or visited.

Everyone has a list like this, right?


  1. What a great behind the scenes look at BMX is Cute.

    I will be returning to St. Louis with the screen grabs of this to go on some searching missions


  2. I can just picture that list hanging on a movie character's filthy wall. Me likes.

  3. Sandy Carson used to have lists like this pinned on the wall of his basement rathole in Bethlehem PA, and I was amazed and confounded by such a methodical approach to the craft of professional BMX. I'll have to dig up documentation of Jim Greco's utterly obsessive approach to the same end: it's awesome, involving color-coded paper chains hanging in garlands around his disgusting, bombed-out bachelor pad.