Saturday, July 04, 2009

Caleb Evenson's Roadtripmobile/Home.

Since his return to Portland in early June, our good friend Caleb Evenson has (as previously mentioned) been living out of a nondescript minivan, parked on various Southeast neighborhood streets.

He was rooming at DBZ's in December, when a surprise rent increase effectively evicted the entire household. The unemployed South Dakota native returned to the family farm to work, save, fire out a semester of college, and outfit his future home on wheels.

Caleb traces his love for the minivan to a storied 1994 Plymouth Voyager that accumulated 212,000 miles and two cracked blocks before being laid to rest. This one, a 94 Dodge Caravan with 105k, is "just a baby, practically," he says.

Caleb intends to find employment at some point, and then housing. Until then, he seems to be living rather comfortably on about five dollars a day (he estimates), showering at friends' houses. I crossed paths with Caleb at the June bmx video night, and we shot these photos:

Lantern, found in an abandoned meat packing plant; still running off the original battery.
Sleeping quarters. Two bikes. Super 8 camera. Must say, I find that bedding almost irresistably inviting.
21st century nomad. You'd expect to find a laptop computer stashed somewhere in here, but you'd be wrong.

Side view: pink hubcaps handed down from minivan 1.0; limo tint windows; stray plywood bookshelf.


  1. So much better to read than what I wrote! Nice! I should note, though, that the light came from a reemployment center on Mare Island in Vallejo, CA. The items from KD Station (the meat packing plant in Sioux City, IA) are the cane I use to hold my liftgate open and the bowling pin which just sits on the floor. :)

    And I must give a shoutout to James Armagost for letting me keep my computer at his place!

    And the book shelf is no longer stray. It has its place between the bed and a plastic drawer.

    Life is good!

  2. Thanks, Caleb. Glad you liked the writeup. When I find a spare second, I'll make those corrections.

  3. that was awesome. inspiring.

  4. This is awesome. Caleb seems to be living the dream, keep at it!

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