Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Last Chance to Contribute

I'm done filming. I'm done capturing. Editing is 90% complete, and I could finish that, too, but I am under the hopeful impression that some people still want to contribute footage. I know where that footage will go, if I receive it, but I can't hold up production waiting for just one more clip. No more delays.

Working on credits now. Final Cut makes things like scrolling text idiot-proof, so it's not hard to get what's in my head onto the screen; but there's a part of me that's self-conscious of the lack of custom motion graphics. Production levels on bmx videos are way way up, all across the board, and our video will definitely be in the class of "local scene video." That's fine with me. Some of my favorite videos are scene videos...

I edited a sort of "trailer" calling for people to submit their clips.
The full res 12 mb .mov file is available to download here, or you can watch it via YouTube, which is easier, but not nearly as pretty. I also wish I could undo the automatically selected video still, but, ah, well... so it goes. I'm glad we're here.

To everyone that produced--huge thanks.

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