Sep 8, 2009

The Fabled Sk8/Sno/Srf One Day "Hat Trick."

Willamette Week writer Shawn O'Bryant hit powder, 'crete, and sea in a single frickin' day.The project, chronicled here.

O'Bryant's blog about Portland skate spots, here.

Sep 6, 2009

NoBikes in Portland.

Yesterday, after a morning of heavy rains, the sun came out and dried the pavement, and we went downtown to meet up with out-of-towner Aaron Gates and crew.

Aaron runs the incredible Alaska riding blog NoBikes. He relocated to Connecticut recently, where he's starting work as a
financial actuary, but that didn't stop his summer roadtrip through the freaking Yukon and down the West coast, in hearty NoBikes style.

Poached these photos at an hour-long
Arvey wallride sesh.
Aaron in green, Richard Gregory from NZ in white.
Andrew Lazaruk, flatty.
CJ Evans, un-turn.
Parking lot.
Caleb Evenson, background.
Caleb, foreground.
Nate Delp, Tony Archibeque, Andrew Lazaruk, Aaron.
Aaron, Caleb, Ben.

These clips are going to NoBikes video #7, which--as I understand it--will take the form of some kind of
roadtrip documentary, heavy on the bears, mountains, and wallrides.


Sep 2, 2009

Ben Piff vs Eggs Benedict.

Ben's been riding the crap out of no-bikes-allowed Ed Benedict Skatepark, occasionally busting out the iPhone to film a little web video. Today's edit is particularly good and casual.

Alley-oop feeble across the axle-high sub!

Sep 1, 2009

Thursday Night Flyer.

I never expected to see Ruecker in white denim. But I get it. I guess.

This week marks the fourth Thursday night street ride in a row. Summer 2k9 will be one for the ages.

The rendezvous point.

Fresh spots welcome.

Aug 22, 2009

Street Jam Recap.

Nice turnout Thursday night. Whole buncha kids I'd never met, shredding and having a blast. Good spots, great vibes, beautiful night. Once we got the mob moving, I didn't notice anyone hanging on the sidelines. At least two broken chains, but no flat tires, no run-ins, and no significant injuries.

I only broke out my pocket point-n-shoot when I wasn't riding, which wasn't very often, so this is a pretty lazy documentary. Help with names for these photos would be appreciated.

So. Briefly:

This driveway is one of the smoothest natural flyouts in the city. The goal here was to catch a branch in one's mouth:



Mikl "Yellow Helmet " Baranov.

Nick Morris from Southeast was grinding everything. This Lincoln High classic has approximately a bike length of runup.

...Made our way to the Pearl District towards midnight. Dalton Holt from Olympia sent the gap of the evening. (Dalton has a little blog here.)

And at another historically significant Portland spot we challenged Yellow Helmet Baranov to wallride over a bike.

Nothing beats Portland in the Summer. Kids are riding hard.

Aug 18, 2009


I'm just hoping my tires stay inflated. Map here.

All credit to DBZ.

Aug 7, 2009

A True Story.

My first published piece ever, from Dig #52, May 2006. This blog post prompted by an excellent bmxboard thread...

Click image to zoom in and read.