Jan 31, 2021


I haven't started pitching to agents yet, but it's time to start getting the word out.

My book will be about 70,000 words, and I've completed 19 of 23 chapters. Your input is appreciated. Comment below or send me an email. Thank you for reading! 


Ridiculously Low-Key Adventuring:

A Dirtbag's Handbook and A Midlife Memoir

By Tony Piff


“This isn’t what I signed up for!” thinks the thirty-something adventurer staring down the barrel of middle age. “Why oh why didn’t I do more with my life when I had the chance?” We fantasize about quitting the rat-race, living in a van, creating a life of travel… only to be reminded of our responsibilities, kids, and debts.

This “freedom lifestyle fantasy” is a crock of pop-culture hype, but my book proposes a viable alternative: the “midlife adventuring reality.” Middle age does not mark the end of our adventuring years. Middle age is when adventuring starts getting good!

In Part One: A Theory of Gear, I tell the story of my failed marriage and failed career, and the shattering of my identity and deepest core values. Out of this rubble, an unexpected life chapter took shape, more fulfilling and rich with adventure than anything I could have imagined. And amidst this breakthrough, I discovered a zealous belief in the power of “gear” as a sacred well of joy and meaning.

In Part Two: A Theory of Adventure, I lay out an action plan for implementing the midlife adventuring reality. As I recount the humiliating mishaps and miseries collected on my extensive dirtbag excursions, readers will find themselves informed, entertained, and inspired to tap the ridiculously low-key ethos and manifest their own adventuring visions, transcending the regimented constraints of routine grown-up life.

A third element of the book is my Obsessive Possessive packing lists. I break down in granular detail the gear you need and the features that matter when packing for a road trip, a self-contained backpacking trip, or just loading your pockets for everyday preparedness. I care way too much about this shit, and I spray my nerdiness without apology.

I upend our grandiose reverence for adventure with equal parts humor and rigorous intellectual analysis. This far-reaching critique challenges our assumptions about adulthood, freedom, responsibility, marriage, and adventure culture itself, but the counterintuitive worldview I’ve come to hold feels refreshing, empowering — maybe even revolutionary. I believe it’s a discussion long overdue.

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  1. Sounds Good. Be sure to look into the Kindle marketplace, get the book onto Amazon. By the way, what has happened to oldparkedcars? It's been down / unreachable for months.